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Single Lessons

Schools Use Energy Just Like You Do ($19.95)

Interactive, popular lesson shows students they actually know quite a bit about making a building energy efficient. This is a great first lesson. Separate assessments are provided for grades K-2 and 3-5.

Sarah Sylvia Cynthia Stout ($19.95)

Students use Shel Silverstein’s popular poem to learn the hierarchy of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Modules for Teachers, After-School Programs and Home School Parents

Modules are a series of lessons on a specific topic. Receive a printed teacher’s guide supported by electronic student handouts for easy printing. Current topics include:

Family Meeting ($50)

Families are provided a guidebook for focusing their attention on a shared vision for the future and, in the process, a method for improving the present. Family Meeting is presented as a fun, non-distracted way to plan for the next week and the future; and to discuss and solve issues before they become problems. The Weekly Meeting process provides an agenda with established topics in a set order. This agenda facilitates discussions that:

  • Celebrate positive aspects of your life
  • Coordinate calendar activities
  • Solve issues
  • Build capacity for developing strong team-building and relationship skills

(Christian and Secular materials are available.)

EnergyNet’s Energy Detectives $650

Teachers and home school parents are provided 9 turnkey lessons to empower their elementary students to save energy at home and/or school. Lessons are complemented with an online tool allowing students to graph and track your energy use and compare it to the past years usage as well as communicate with Detectives’ Headquarters. Students learn and apply math, science, language arts and fine arts skills throughout the module.

FLIP the Light-Switch and His Friends

FLIP and his friends share what they know about using resources wisely. Each of the 10 stories includes hands-on activities for the students.

FLIP’s friends include: Mr. Drip, Puddles, Pops, Sparky, Dr. Smart E. Pants, R-Value, Sammy the Snake, Blinky and Fray. (Grades K-6+)

AVAILABLE NOW! Introductory Price $100 – for a limited time!

Sponsored and Branded Programs

Educational Dividends’ products are proven, popular and provide an avenue for businesses to invest in education. Materials are aligned with learning standards and designed to appeal to all learning styles. The materials are self-contained, requiring little or no prep time by teachers.

You are invited to take advantage of existing programs, or we can develop and brand a program for your business based on topics most important to you and your customers.

To learn how we can customize programs to provide the best value to your business, contact us today.

Art 4 Good

Young people are organizing to address the principles, issues and problems our country faces. While these are pivotal times, they are not unprecedented. Some of the most powerful breakthroughs in changing beliefs came from the involvement of the artists. Musicians, story tellers, marketing professionals, orators, filmmakers and visual artists came together to change the attitudes of Americans by using the principles of artistic persuasion.

Through Art 4 Good, you can provide today’s young people the tools needed to find their voice, listen effectively and prepare themselves to lead the nation.

Student Power / Smart Power

These STEAM lessons empower students to take the lead in using modern technology to manage electricity use in schools and homes. Lessons include classroom instruction, self-guided learning, and project-based activities. Lessons are appropriate for the classroom, after-school programs, and home school use. (Grades 3-5 / 6-8)

Student Power / Smart Life – High School Edition

This program helps prepare students for life after high school. They will actively participate in reducing energy use and costs, explore energy careers, construct energy budgets, develop entertaining ways of sharing information with others, and learn how to use data to develop plans. (Grades 9-12)

Renewable Energy Museum Displays

Educational Dividends can work with museum exhibit designers to provide a series of interactive, educational museum displays highlighting the Arts, Science and Technology. The displays would be sensory rich, applicable to all ages and learning styles and would accommodate visitors with a wide range of physical challenges. The displays would be complemented by age-appropriate project materials for museum staff to use in workshop settings.

One example is Mariah. The exhibit tells the story of wind energy as depicted in the arts. Three displays within Mariah allow visitors to use their creativity to explore the role wind energy has played in the lives of people throughout history. The displays use literature, theater, music and other forms of artistic expression to encourage visitors to put themselves in the lives and times of those impacted by wind energy. The displays are:

  • Prairie Life
  • Wind and Water
  • Wind Around the World

A description from one of the displays from Wind Around the World follows:

Visuals would include pictures of different styles of windmills and wind turbines from around the world. Paintings displaying wind by Vincent van Gogh and George Seurat would be featured while wind-related songs from around the world are playing. The display features the cultures of the world in small vignettes. The ground under the feet of guests will change to display the vignettes as will a blue glass wall sculpture. Audio will describe each scene. Jumping from Greece to China to other parts of the world, visitors wander around different cultures with the help of pictures and sounds.

To learn more about possible exhibits, contact us.


EnergyNet Products

Just as with the products offered directly by Educational Dividends, materials are aligned with learning standards and designed to appeal to all learning styles. To learn more about the impact of EnergyNet, visit our blog “I Want To Leave A Legacy.”

EnergyNet – Auditing

Students are provided the instruction they need to conduct an energy audit of their school, resulting in verifiable energy savings. Students are first introduced to the principles of energy conservation measures related to lighting, building envelope, HVAC, energy efficient behaviors and equipment.

Forms and instructions to conduct the audit and organize the results in a way that allows the students to identify major areas for energy improvement are provided. Students are then encouraged to develop a Plan of Action to achieve the most useful energy improvements.

With consent from the school business official, students are provided access to a secure website showing graphs of their school’s energy data prior to the program and during the program. This website includes the school’s Energy Star™ rating.

Students are also provided information on the various methods of financing energy improvements in schools. The program culminates in students presenting their work, savings and suggestions to the School Board.

Age-appropriate materials are available for grades 3-12 as follows:

  • Energy Detectives (grades 3-5)
  • Energy Coaches (grades 6-8)
  • Energy Auditing for high school

One way to use these programs would involve an engineering firm partnering with students to conduct an energy audit.

EnergyNet – Home Energy Makeover

Students will work as a team to reduce a home’s energy use while increasing comfort. During this six-week unit, students may offer their energy efficiency services to teachers and community members. Teaching materials incorporate economics, technology, team work and presentation skills.

EnergyNet – Energy Engineers

Energy Engineers teaching materials are best used when your school is planning a school renovation or building a new school. Students are involved in the process by developing and implementing an informational campaign to incorporate energy efficient techniques and technologies into your school construction project.

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