Facilitative Learning Model

Based on research that shows students learn best when they are involved in their learning, Educational Dividends developed a facilitative learning model where students ask questions, discover answers and apply their knowledge to a real world problem. Students apply their math, science and language arts knowledge while using technology, teamwork and workplace skills. As students learn concepts, they also gain skills that prepare them for life. Educational Dividends’ projects are relevant and challenging. Using standards-based curriculum, Educational Dividends brings innovative teaching techniques to the classroom.

In our project, I am a teacher and a team member. We share our work and depend on each other. We all share a passion for excellence and a desire to succeed despite any odds. In short, this is what I hoped education would be. Thanks!

–Allan Howland
EnergyNet Teacher
Alan B. Shepard High School

Teachers Learn New Roles

In our educational model, teachers’ roles shift from lecturers to facilitators. Teachers guide students on an educational journey by providing resources, monitoring progress and encouraging students to ask questions and solve problems. Facilitative learning allows students to make their own discoveries, which leads to better retention of concepts. Schools that implement Educational Dividends’ projects are able to successfully reach all levels of learners in the classroom. In turn, these schools turn out better educated, more productive workers and entrepreneurs.

Involve the Community

Educational Dividends understands that the entire community must be involved in order to improve education on a local level. For that reason, we intentionally build in areas for community involvement in projects. The facilitative learning model gives students a reason to seek out local businesses and organizations to assist in problem solving or to answer questions related to their projects. Students may ask professionals to come into the classroom to share information or they may visit an area business to apply their knowledge of the subject in a new way.

Put This Model to Work for You

Educational Dividends offers opportunities for businesses to deliver this innovative learning style in the classroom. To learn how your business can be a leader in educational change, contact us.

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