Changing the World

In a quickly changing, competitive world, Educational Dividends is addressing the need to redefine our system of education in order to consistently produce creative, top-notch employees and entrepreneurs.

Using proven educational strategies, extensive program knowledge and creative organizational skills, Educational Dividends offers schools, families, businesses and communities effective tools that actively achieve results.

Educational Dividends’ projects and products put the power of learning in the hands of K-12 students. Students are provided with relevant questions and are challenged to find the answers. Students apply their knowledge across disciplines. Students use the Internet to assist with information gathering. Benefiting from each others’ talents, students work together to reach a common goal. All aspects of the projects mirror the skills needed in today’s workplace.

Educational Dividends’ materials are designed with students in leadership roles while teachers serve as managers who guide students toward answers, help to solve problems and assess student progress. All of Educational Dividends’ projects incorporate learning standards, problem solving, cross-curricular lessons, technology, and teamwork.

The best example I’ve seen in preparing students for the world of work.

-Harry Litchfield, Retired
Deere & Company
Moline, IL

Working with Business

Today’s students are more than future employees and customers. They are a powerful voice in society with the ability to affect business practices and buying decisions now. Businesses that support education not only build a loyal customer base, they also create a more skilled labor pool, a more educated society and assist in developing a foundation for a more effective education system.

Educational Dividends can help businesses invest in education while ensuring quality, balanced learning tools for teachers and students. Standing by strong ethics that all information for students should be clear and unbiased, Educational Dividends works with businesses to identify both short and long term benefits from their investments and involvement in quality education.

My teaching actively involves students in their education, motivates them to learn, involves them in the community and models the real world. This is where education should be headed.

-Joe Lindbloom,
Physics Teacher
Oak Forest High School

Realize Benefits with Educational Dividends


  • Relevant and Active Learning
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Leadership/Teamwork Abilities


  • Self-Motivated Students
  • Problem Solvers
  • Employable Students

Business Leaders

  • Highly Skilled Employees
  • Customer Awareness
  • Economic Development

Community Members

  • Future Leaders
  • Improved Schools
  • Economic Development

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