“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.” Insanity seems to be a regular companion of our Magna friends. Unfortunately it is also apparent in our education system. Consider the following question: Educators widely accept Howard Gardner’s work describing the different ways people learn. Why then haven’t classroom practices changed […] Read more

A man finds a magic lantern complete with a genie. The genie grants the lucky man one wish. The man wishes to be “irresistible” to women so…the genie turns him into a puppy. Has The Donald carefully defined his goal? What is his definition of success with regard to his next Apprentice? What is society’s […] Read more

“There is no such thing as failure” said The Donald. Perhaps he read Week Four of this column where we discussed failing forward. Failure is tied to powerful emotions. That combination of learning plus emotion (either positive or negative) results in true knowledge. Tana and Angie provided excellent examples of both ends of the spectrum […] Read more

Eight Apprentices began this week’s task. Out of the hundreds of people who apply to be The Apprentice, wouldn’t you expect the final eight to be exemplary? Unfortunately, we saw a typical example of fast-track, stressed out folks who turn into bullies. You Deserve A Break Today Helping out Net Worth, The Donald allowed the […] Read more

Consider the following scenarios: The phone rings and you receive an invitation to “Come by for dinner on Saturday. I’m making spaghetti.” – Or – You receive a beautiful basket from Nic’s Basket Case containing Pasta Sauces (Red and Pesto), Linguine, a red checked tablecloth, candles, a bottle of Shiraz and two lovely glasses, fresh […] Read more

Successful activities include three distinct phases: Planning, Implementation and Assessment. This is true in the boardroom and the classroom. This week The Apprentices were treated to a T.V. time out while the viewers got an inside look at some of the reasons why nine candidates have failed this high stakes test. Planning to Win Good […] Read more

“Spookular” was my sister’s word for synchronicity. It seemed especially appropriate as I returned home from Learning Point Associate’s Annual (LPA) Conference on “Reaching High Expectations” just in time to tune into this week’s episode of The Apprentice. We all saw in living color that “good enough” is never good enough. Winning requires setting high […] Read more

Inspiring quotes and heated debate focus on the role of the teacher. What about the role of the student? What responsibility does the student have for their education? That was the question presented in three acts during this week’s episode of The Apprentice where the teams were asked to design and run a miniature golf […] Read more

Oh, the humanity! Up until the point she took on the role of leader, Tara was such a great leader. “Tara had been a great team player. She was respectful of her teammates and willing to do whatever it took to get the job done.” said Tim Knapp, CEO of Nextant Systems. “Then, she made […] Read more

Did you choose your career or did it choose you? Very few of us follow clearly scripted career paths. Somehow, you’re driving through life headed for a career in medicine when – Bam – a passion for cooking jumps out and collides with your plans. At this point, you have two choices. You can ignore […] Read more

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