One of the benefits of home schooling is the ability to deeply explore topics of interest to your children. Children are naturally curious about many things – some more than others. As a home school parent, you are able to identify those topics of most interest and build powerful learning experiences around them. While one […] Read more

Entering the building for the first time as freshmen, Jeena and Kristi didn’t notice the mission statement posted near the front door of GCMS High School. Four years later, the girls can honestly say that GCMS High School lived up to their promise to Create a Community of Life-Long Learners by Providing an Atmosphere of Enthusiasm, […] Read more

student watching educational video on a laptop with headphones

Parents, you are not only your child’s first teacher, you are their continuous teacher. Helping your child develop the habits of a lifelong learner can be demanding. One of the most important habits is learning how to study. Meaningful homework can be an extremely valuable learning tool. Too often, homework becomes a battle involving the […] Read more

teacher assessing student

Teachers have seen the results of providing students with real-world learning experiences. However, assessing their learning in our standards-based grading environment has proven to be a challenge. That doesn’t have to be the case. Assessing project-based learning experiences can best be accomplished by incorporating assessment in the planning process. Good planning strategies include an articulated […] Read more

students raising hands in classroom

A 2018 poll by Pew Research shows Americans rank education as the second highest priority after terrorism. The economy has moved to third place. Given this, it’s no surprise the number of adults from civic groups and congregations prowling the aisles of office supply stores, list in hand, buying school supplies to stuff in backpacks […] Read more

teacher in elementary classroom

Research implies, among other things, the need to structure schoolwork around some very simple logic: students crave hands-on work across content areas and they love to pursue their own areas of interest. Their most memorable work caused students to feel good about themselves. Impossible to miss were phrases like “I felt proud” and “I got […] Read more

Over the past 18 weeks, we’ve had an opportunity to think about education in different ways. Most importantly, we’ve focused on strategies that best serve students and, therefore, our entire society. These strategies have their roots in management best practices. Let’s review what we’ve learned. Classroom CEO It is up to the teacher to set […] Read more

The eighteen Apprentice candidates lived and worked together for several months. They must have gotten to know quite a bit about each other and, undoubtedly, friendships formed. It sounds a bit like summer camp. For this final task, Tana and Kendra were each reunited with three of their former camping buddies. You’d think they’d be […] Read more

To reduce the candidates from three to two, The Donald asked four CEO’s to interview Craig, Kendra and Tana. With no preparation, the candidates were expected to wow the executives. Education is preparation for life. That means it’s not just learning a series of facts or an assortment of skills. Parrots and monkeys can do […] Read more

Last week Bren was fired for his reluctance to take risks. In the cab on the way out of town, Bren shared his relief that he was heading home to his family. “I came out here for something and realized it was back home, right under my nose.” He felt that the experience left him […] Read more

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