Benefits of Home Schooling – In Depth Learning

One of the benefits of home schooling is the ability to deeply explore topics of interest to your children. Children are naturally curious about many things – some more than others. As a home school parent, you are able to identify those topics of most interest and build powerful learning experiences around them. While one of the goals of Common Core is to deepen students’ understanding of essential concepts, teachers often face rules and practices that push them to “move on” to the next topic. Until the US educational system is willing to listen to seasoned practitioners, home school parents – and their children – have the educational advantage when it comes to in depth learning.

You can leverage your child’s interest in topics by integrating subjects across the curriculum to tie into a main theme. this is called thematic education and, when combined with hands-on learning, results in powerful learning opportunities. For example, if your children are interested in cooking, you can develop learning experiences centered around cooking that integrates math, science, social studies, art, foreign language, etc. You can continue to integrate their interest in cooking throughout their education by integrating more complex and deeper learning as long as the topic remains of interest to them.

Educational Dividends uses this learning strategy in our materials and has found it to be extremely successful even in traditional classrooms. A wide variety of energy and environmental materials are available as well as leadership and art.

Parents who aren’t home schooling their children can still use this technique to enhance the classroom experience.  What topics interest your students? We can help you use thematic education to deepen their learning. Contact us for more information.

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