About Us

Educational Dividends has developed a wide range of projects and curricula using the AND Model including EnergyNet’s suite of curricula, ComEd’s Student Power 2000, and the ISBE accredited dual credit program High Tech Edge.

About Our President

Carol Timms, President of Educational Dividends has over thirty years  experience in education and  organizational management. She developed the AND Model to serve as a new framework for success for all students. The components of the AND Model are woven throughout Educational Dividends’ classroom projects and adult seminars. Learners are engaged as they apply their knowledge and skills. They are provided with relevant questions and are motivated to find the answers. Technology is employed to assist with information gathering and processing. Benefiting from each others’ talents, learners work together to reach a common goal. All aspects of the projects mirror the skills needed in today’s workplace.

Radio Interview on WDWS-AM

Carol was recently featured on the Central Illinois Business radio program with Alex Ruggieri on NewsTalk 1400 WDWS-AM. Click the play button on the audio player below to listen in.